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We are a web based software development agency providing creative solutions to complex problems.

With over 25 years professional experience in web software development, we can provide what you are looking for,
from a simple web interface to a highly connected bespoke web application.

About Us

First class software development studio

DGTEpro is a small yet powerful web development & design agency. Over the last few years we've made a reputation for building technologies that are

  • Highly intuitive
  • Always performant
  • Distinctly dynamic
  • Flexible and dependable
Why Choose Us

Industry innovators since 1997

Our core server side programming language is PHP and since it's release in 1997 it has formed the cornerstone of our development. For client side programming we use JavaScript with frequent use of AJAX and RESTful API development. We have developed several frameworks for backend design and templating using HTML hydration. For frontend design and templating we utilize server-side HTML hydration - because SEO comes as standard.

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Our Mission & Vision

We aim to deliver the highest quality, creative solutions with a low resource footprint

Our team strives to create customized user experiences for complex back-end and front-end systems for an incredible online advantage.

Our ability to creatively combine the thoughts and dreams of our clients, into functional systems is the key to our success!
What We Offer

Creative services that make a difference

At DGTEpro, we deliver fully planned and documented online systems for your business.

Project design and specification

We begin with a planning and specification consultation phase to fully understand the requirements of your system. Outlining the core logic and functionality we deliver a full software definition

Comprehensive resource planning

We continue by determining the the resource requirements of hardware and software and manpower. We deliver a technology overview, roadmap, milestones and task outline.

Application design and development

We set to work prototyping the systems which will itteratively form the deliverable. As the projects progresses we provide headway reports on the achievement of milestones to ensure you are always in the loop

Let’s discuss your ideas

Thoughts about your future? We are always open to your ideas.

Application Design Features

All our interfaces can offer a wide variety of features

Responsive Design
as Standard
Multidevice support

Multitenancy support

Data/Template Separation
Hydration templating

Extensibility by
Bespoke level flexibility

Zero-curve learning

Flexible UI
Imagination limited design

Permissions Model
UI/Logic and Backend Restrictions

Low Resource
Affordable Process Hosting


Integrating cutting-edge web technologies

Our projects are built and designed using the latest tools and technologies of the web industry.


Frequently asked questions

  • What happens if I decide I need some extra features before my project is completed.

    Generally speaking any additional features will be planned, specified and developed after the delivery of the current project.
    In some special cases it may be possible to integrate them into a current project however any such integration must have zero impact on the current project's timeline.

  • How are your prices structured?

    Our prices are structured as estimates in the consultation and development phases of a project - these are based on projected resource requirements and adjustments to the project resources or specification will cause adjustments to the estimates and ultimate pricing. Support contracts, unless otherwise stated are a flat fee for a given set of services over an alloted timespan.

  • What is the difference between consultation, development and support?

    Consultations generally happen during the planning stage of a project and relate to topics for things to come in the future.
    Development is the process of creating something, generally speaking this would relate to a development contract.
    Support relates to help with an existing project ort application. If a support contract is in place it will relate to the terms of this contract.

  • How does the licensing of a project work?

    For larger projects, payments may be made at the completion of roadmap milestones; In such cases the project, up until that milestone, becomes the property of the client at the time of payment. For smaller projects, the licensing will be covered in the development contract.

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